Scales and Chords In All The Keys

Note: This publication is not to be mistaken for a piano technique book such as the famous “Hanon” exercises. It is rather a theoretical work intended for all musicians, no matter what instrument they play, focused on how the scales and chords are formed, the interpretation of different accidentals, and modulations and closely related keys.

For the first time ever, ALL THE SCALES and ALL THE CHORDS in ALL THE MAJOR AND MINOR KEYS have been brought together in a single book. Each double-page spread in this book offers a concise, well-organized overview of a given key, including the scales (the major scale and three minor scales,) their harmonization (the chords built on each scale degree,) and their closely related keys and how to recognize them, thus providing the reader with a clear, thorough examination of every key.

But this book is much more than just a simple inventory (see Contenu A+.) The structure is designed to highlight the relationships between the keys, the chords and their functions, and the nonharmonic tones, thereby enabling musicians—both amateur and professional—to better understand the tonal dynamic of a given piece of music.

This complete presentation of the keys is accompanied by a brief lesson on how scales are built and how chords are formed, as well as a glossary of technical terms and a list of notable works in each key.

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